Fellow’s ‘Ode’ Coffee Grinder Is the Cheapest Since Its Kickstarter Price

When Fellow announced its flat burr coffee grinder, the Ode, on Kickstarter, the internet went mad and raised $ 1.25 million to help make it a reality. It looks amazing on your counter—which isn’t always common for appliances—and works well enough to land itself as our best grinder for drip coffee.

The Ode utilizes huge 64mm flat burrs to shorten grind time and keep friction down, which prevents taste-altering effects that can occur with smaller burrs. It also has a magnet to keep the grind catch in place and a spring that shakes out grinds that get stuck in the machine. All in all, it is a great machine that we would recommend to anyone who loves drip or pour-over coffee.

But it’s not cheap — $ 299 is a pretty steep price to pay for a coffee grinder. Right now though the Ode, and many other Fellow products, are 15 percent off when using the code LOVEPOTION. That brings the Ode down to $ 254 — the lowest it’s been since the earlybird Kickstarter price was $ 229. While still pricy for a coffee grinder, if you’ve been debating picking up the Ode now is the time to pull the trigger.


Ode Brew Grinder


$ 299.00

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